After we’ve captured your group in tracking and perfected the performance in editing, we move to mixing and tie it all together. We’ll adjust levels and automation, effects, equalization, samples and sequencing and a whole lot more. The right balance gets everything sitting just right and fuses the many elements of your recording into a unified, streamlined final product, while accentuating its strengths and concealing its weaknesses. This part of the process is probably the most subjective, and where the track gets most of its character.

Like editing, mixing is done via remote — we can even work with tracks you record yourself at or at another studio, in the New York area or even thousands of miles away. Once we get a solid idea of what you want to see out of your mixes, we’ll move forward and send you mp3s of first drafts, which you then either approve or revise and send us back to the drawing board.

Style and identity varies heavily from one group to the next (and more often than not, from one group member to the next!). Whether your group’s artistic vision is clear and distinct or needs our help with fleshing out, our ultimate goal is to build a final product together with you that closely matches that vision. So we’ll be listening closely to what you have to say about it.

Are you a purist or a progressive? What existing a cappella tracks appeal to you the most, and what do you like about them? This is your project — you’re placing the technical execution in our hands, but we’ll carry it out armed with a strong sense of how you envision your mixes, so that ultimately, we’re simply an extension of you and of your creative vision, and your final mix is simply its best possible embodiment.