It’s important to start out on the right foot — and tracking is step one. There are lots of things post-production can improve, but it’s no substitute for top-notch performance in the studio and quality recording technique. Capturing each of your group members individually, cleanly and clearly ultimately allows for the most flexibility with editing and mixing — and most importantly, the right guidance during the session ensures the right approach to the vocal performance. The dynamics, energy, tone, intensity, emotion and everything else that come with your delivery are something no computer can fix.

We employ a full setup of professional-grade equipment including Neumann mics, ProTools and i7 processors, but it’s the guys behind the controls that prove most valuable — our affordable hourly rates include Mike and/or other experienced engineers well-versed not just in the technical logistics but also in how to provide thoughtful, encouraging direction and vocal coaching where appropriate. Everything we do is about helping your group reach its full potential.

The best part: the studio is wherever you are. We come to you — just provide us with a quiet room that’s comfortable and convenient for you, and we’ll set up shop, saving you the significant expense of travel, not to mention your valuable time and energy.